Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blog Post #6: What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning from Randy Pausch?

Randy Pausch gave this lecture on September 18, 2007.  When he gave this lecture he had been diagnosed with cancer with only a few months left to live.  He looks amazingly healthy in the video and is an amazing speaker.  His lecture is inspiring.  The purpose is to learn "how you can achieve your dreams or enable the dreams of others." 

What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning from Randy Pausch?
1. Have fun in everything you do.
2. Learn from rejection, and keep trying.
3. Through hard work, and persistence childhood dreams can come true.
4. When doing something for the first time, things will go wrong, but the end product can still be amazing.
5. Use a project based curriculum - the best projects have students learn really hard concepts without the students realizing it because they are having fun.
6. Don't set limits on projects, let the students work to their full potential.
7. Give students an audience so they can be excited about their work.
8. Have a goal to get students to self reflect.
9. As a teacher we have the ability to help students on their path to fulfill their childhood dreams.
10. "We learn from our students."


  1. Hey Anastasia,

    Great post! You were able to summarize in a concise list the main teaching points Dr. Pausch made during his famous 'last lecture' which praise God, has been seen by so many! It's such an inspiring lecture, isn't it? What was your favorite part? From your post, I appreciate #6 and #9 in a big way, because I love the idea that we as teachers will be surprised with what the students do if they aren't limited by our assignment, and also that we can help them reach childhood dreams. How beautiful!
    Great job!
    Here is a link to the EDM510 class blog, and, is my own personal blog.

  2. Hi Mary Alice,

    Thank you. My favorite part of the video was when he brought in the giant teddy bears. I hope you are feeling well. Post a picture when your sweet new baby arrives:)


  3. Thorough. Well done! Nominated for post of the week.