Saturday, March 8, 2014

Project #3 Presentation


  1. I really enjoyed your presentations. I have used project based learning in the classroom before, but I often struggle with it. I struggle mainly because it is so difficult to grade. Even knowing that I shouldn't - I tend to grade based on other's work too! It stinks.
    Alas, project based learning is not supposed to be for the teacher - it is solely for the students. I do find that students learn so much more about their topic when they do some sort of project on it.

    Thanks so much for your presentation.

  2. I particularly liked the CCRS presentation because of the videos, but also because you pointed out the role of the LMS in CCRS. I'm in school to become a librarian, and so that was great to see! What we learn to do is to collaborate with the teachers and to suggest and provide resources to help meet these standards, but also to co-plan and co-teach these standards. That's not what people think of librarians as doing though. They typically only think of librarians as managing the circulation and being the "keeper of the books," but it's supposed to be so much more than that! Hopefully, with presentations like this, and with effort on the part of the LMS, the librarians true role will evolve and thrive. Thanks for sharing your presentations!

  3. Very good. Where did you find the interviews of the kids by Ann Feldman. They are very effective and I will use them next semester.

    Where can you give this presentation? Any ideas? Others should hear it!

    1. Thanks Dr. Strange,

      Hopefully I will become a librarian soon and be able to use the presentation in a faculty meeting when trying to explain project based learning, and how I what to collaborate with and support the teachers. I found the Ann Feldman video by searching YouTube for project based learning.