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C4T-Continuous-Assigned by Dr. Strange-Dangerously Irrelevent-February Summary

Dangerously Irrelevant Blog

C4T Week#1
This post was written by Ira Socol, titled “No wonder nobody wants to come”.  The post is discussing breaking the cycle of traditional assignments where students sit at desks silently. Ira Socol challenges us to break out of the mold and let student collaborate.

I commented on 2/7.  My post responded that students collaborating with each other is key to students learning. By talking through class assignments and collaborating with each other, students have to answer questions and formulate answers. That process requires much more thought than sitting in class silently. I left the link to the EDM 510 class blog EDM 510 Class Blog, my personal class blog Anastasia Martin EDM 510 Blog, and my on twitter @anastasia5360.

C4T Week#2
This post was written by Scott Mcleod, titled "Visioning for desired awesomeness".  It discusses student to computer 1 to 1 ratio in schools.  He asked educators three questions relating to what the educators foresee if the initiative is successful or unsuccessful.  The blog links to the results of the questions.  

I commented on 2/15.  I explained that  I am a library media student in the southeast and that I am taking online classes and interning at a local middle school.  I explained that neighboring school districts have a 1:1 student:computer ratio, but our local school district does not.  My school and some of the other schools in my district are piloting a bring your own device campaign this semester.  I thanked him for posting the documents and resources from his results because they will be helpful as we implement the bring your own device at my school.  Since I had to comment on an older post than last week, I introduced myself again and put the links to the class blog and my personal blog and twitter again.

C4T Week#3
This post titled, "Blab schools" shares a video about a tightly scripted direct instruction school, and compares it to a video showing North Koreans talking in unison.

I commented on 2/20 that after watching the two videos I will think a little harder before describing a school as using 'direct instruction' again. My favorite part of the video is definitely the reference to Abraham Lincoln calling his childhood school a 'blab school'. I also left my contact information again.

C4T Week#4
This post titled, "Personalized learning v. targeted advertising", is discussing how schools sell students personal information to companies. It links to an article that discusses a summit that was held about student privacy and proposals to protect it.

I commented on 2/26 that it is very important for schools to protect students personal information. As a mom, graduate student, and teacher, I am in support of proposals to protect student personal information.

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