Monday, April 28, 2014

Blog Post #11: PDP and PLN

Man surrounded by technology tools

Whether I am hired as a Library Media Specialist or Secondary Math Teacher, my Professional Development Plan (PDP) includes incorporating technology to teach students 21st century skills. Two types of technology are included in my PDP.

The first type of technology that is part of my PDP is technology that I will integrate in my lessons to teach students core curriculum objectives while they are learning 21st century technology skills. A variety of 21st century learning tools and 21st century communication tools are part of my PDP: blogs, google docs, websites, email, Alabama Virtual Library (AVL), search engines, video stories, google presentations, and writing eBooks. When I return to teaching I will evaluate which technology skills the students have, which technology skills are appropriate for the grade level, which technology skills are appropriate for the school, and then map out which technology skills will be incorporated into my lessons throughout the year.

The second type of technology that is part of my PDP is technology that I can continue to learn from even after completing EDM 510. I plan to make it a priority to continue learning new technology and resources, because technology will keep changing. To keep learning about new lesson plans, skills, research and technology, I plan to continue accessing AVL, the Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX), and the resources that are part of my Personal Learning Network (PLN). My PLN has grown exponentially this semester with the addition teacher blogs, professional organizations, and twitter.

Also included in my PDP is to continue to reflect on what I have learned:
  • Which lessons were successful? 
  • Which lessons can be improved?
  • How I can improve lessons?
  • What will I modify?
  • What new resources and technology are available that I would like to include next year?
  • What new resources do I want to add to my PLN?

As I continue to learn through my PDP, PLN, graduate classes at USA, and future position as an educator, my PDP and PLN will continue to develop and grow.

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