Monday, April 28, 2014

C4T-Rotating-April Summary

C4T# 9
Will Richardson

This post was titled "Students as People or Profile?" and was written by Audrey Watters. She listed several questions to consider for example, "What are the repercussions of competency-based and mastery-based learning? What are the repercussions of choice? What are the repercussions of distance? What are the repercussions of scaling? Who gains?"

On 4/12 I first introduced myself and then commented that her post contained great questions to think about and consider. I also let her know that I am adding a link to the full post on my blog and I invited her to visit it.

C4T# 10
Dean Shareski - Ideas and Thoughts

This post was titled "#Socks4Dean" and described many pairs of socks that were sent to him from all over the world for his birthday.  He did a great job describing the 50th birthday surprise and shared pictures of the socks he received.

On 4/17 I gave a brief introduction of myself and then let him know that I thought it was a wonderful birthday surprise.  Since building our PLN is a big part of EDM 510, I commented that I liked his redefining of PLN and let him know that I was going to share it on my blog this week: Personal - Living - Network.  And of course I invited him to visit my blog.

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