Thursday, April 24, 2014

C4T-Continuous-My Pick-Math Teacher Mambo-April Summary

C4T Week#9
This post was written by Shireen Dadmehr, titled "Time for AP Calculus AB Review" shows a homework assignment that she gave her AP calculus class that requires them to organize their study plan for the rest of the year in preparation of the AP Calculus exam. 

I commented on 4/10 that it is hard to motivate students to study at the end of the year but that may be the difference between them doing great, or poor on the exam. I told her that her homework sheet is an effective way to help them organize their study plan.

C4T Week#10
This post was written by Shireen Dadmehr, titled "Quick PSA for Precalculus" and shared a review project the students completed.  She shared examples of the students work which were well done, creative and witty.

I commented on 4/14 that this was a great idea, and I thanked her for sharing students examples.  I told her that they are all excellent and very creative. 

C4T Week#11
This post was written by Shireen Dadmehr, titled "Making a Graph Updated..." and had a link to a document that shows how to make a quick graph in word.

I commented on4/23 that I especially like how the numbers on the outside do not appear to be in the table.  I also thanked her for sharing.

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