Saturday, April 5, 2014

C4T-Continuous-My Pick-Math Teacher Mambo-March Summary

C4T Week#5
This post was written by Shireen Dadmehr, titled "Straight Line Motion and AP-Style Questions". It describes the way she changed her teaching style and lesson plan this year to involve the students more in the learning process.

I commented on 3/12 that she did a good job teaching this lesson. I like the AP workshop ideas. And I also let her know that each week when I visit her blog for my technology class at the University of South Alabama, I am always impressed with the worksheets she creates. I invited her to visit our class blogs and follow me on twitter.

C4T Week#6
This post was written by Shireen Dadmehr, titled "Italy". She talked about her spring break trip to Italy. It sounded like she had a successful, great trip. She outlined a lot of good things to see and she had several funny observations about the trip.

I commented on 3/19 that I hope to go one day too with my family when my kids are old enough to appreciate the trip and survive the plane ride.

C4T Week#7
This post was written by Shireen Dadmehr, titled "Straight Line Motion: Calculus" I had to go back in time a few posts because since spring break she has slowed down on her math worksheet posts. On this post she created a worksheet using Waldo to motivate students to calculate Waldos position in respect to velocity and acceleration.

I commented on 3/26 that she came up with another cute way to motivate students by using Waldo. I love the worksheet. And I also thanked her for sharing.

C4T Week#8
This post was written by Shireen Dadmehr, titled "Seven Segment Display". She is talking about the highs and lows of a circuitry project she is doing in her class. For the project the students figure out the circuitry and then apply it to an actual circuitry board to see if it works.

I commented on 4/5 that her project is very impressive. And forever preserved on YouTube. What I like about the project is that she is not just figuring out the circuitry in theory, but actually using the board to see if it works.

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