Thursday, April 24, 2014

C4T-Continuous-Assigned by Dr. Strange-Dangerously Irrelevent-April Summary

Dangerously Irrelevant Blog

C4T Week#9
This post, titled “Three thoughts that are percolating in my head today", which are in reference to his thoughts about why it is "hard for schools to teach kids how to make a dent in the universe". He mentions focus on compliance, fear of things that never happen,and educators not understanding technology tools.

I commented on 4/10 that I agree that many teachers are lacking the skills needed to teach our students using new technology. It is important for universities to update their teacher preparation programs to include 21st century technology, but also for existing teachers to continue learning.

C4T Week#10
This post, titled “60 Apps in 60 Seconds" discusses how little impact the many apps being presented in conferences is making on educators. In light of the situation Scott McLeod presents the following video on his blog:

I commented on 4/16 that the video makes a valid point that too much is being presented at one time. One great app that can authentically be used in the classroom is better than 60 that are just OK.  

C4T Week#11
This post, titled “The best school technology leadership program in the country?"
and promotes the University of Kentucky technology graduate level classes that Scott Mcleod helped develop. It includes a short promotional video.

I commented on 4/23 that the promotional video is great and it sounds like a program that will be very successful.

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