Saturday, April 5, 2014

C4T-Rotating-March Summary

Teaching as a Dynamic Activity Blog by Jerrid Kruse.

This post was titled "Maintaining the Status Quo" and discussed the importance of the individual teacher when educational changes are being made. He discusses standards based grading, technology, and other educational changes.

I commented on 3/12 that this is a very relevant topic in a time where some many changes are being made - 21st century technology, etc. I agree that teachers matter for educational changes to be successful. I left the link to the EDM 510 class blog EDM 510 Class Blog, my personal class blog Anastasia Martin EDM 510 Blog, and my on twitter @anastasia5360.
Jenny's Learning Journey by Jenny She

The post was titled "You Got Snapped!" and described a day she had in the classroom when a student took her picture unexpected.

I commented on 3/19 that I was visiting her blog as part of my University of South Alabama EDM510 class this week. I was impressed with how loving and enthusiastic she is with her students. I also let her know that I visited some of your students blogs this week and it was so nice to hear their sweet voices, and see their pictures and videos. I hope they enjoy reading the comments from our EDM510 class this week.  I also left the link to my blog, the class blog, and my twitter.
Thumann Resources by Lisa Thumann

The post was titled "Let’s Talk About Attrition Rates at UnConferences" and discussed how at the free conferences she has helped plan, only 25% to 50% of the registrants show up. As a result food and resources are being wasted and thrown away.

I commented on 3/26 that I agree that if you sign up for a conference you should make it a priority to attend. I agree that increasing emails and publicity before the event could help remind attendees that the event is coming. Most registrants probably realize within the last couple of weeks whether or not they have obligations that will prevent them from coming. So also as part of the email, make an easy link to link to 'unregister' for the conference so that the quantity of resources purchased right before the conference, like food, can be modified.

Angela Maiers Blog

The post was titled "Brok, Busted and Disgusted" and discussed debt of college students.  It talked about how students need to be educated about the financial decisions, and the purpose of those decisions.

I commented on 4/5 that this is great advice and real discussion that needs to influence college decisions and lifestyle. When I was in undergraduate school in the 90's I remember everyone was eating ramen noodles to survive, just trying to get through the month with whatever little cash they had on hand. Especially the students who were getting student loans. But now not only do students have the debt of college loans, but they are using credit cards to eat at high end restaurants and purchase other non essential items. It all adds up and students need to be educated about options available and consequences of debt.

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