Saturday, April 5, 2014

Project: ALEX


For the ALEX project, I uploaded the 6 pdf's to Anastasia Martin EDM 510 Website. Below are the links to each pdf in my Forms and Docs:

ALEX Lesson Plan 1 - Wonder Number Line.pdf
The lesson plan was created by Tim McKenzie from Jefferson County.  

ALEX Lesson Plan 2 - Using Scale Factors - Drawing Your Body to Scale.pdf
The lesson plan was created by Sheila Green from Jackson County.  

ALEX Mathematics Standards Grade 6.pdf
ALEX Mathematics Standards Grade 8.pdf
ALEX Technology Standards Grades 6-8.pdf
ALEX Personal Workspace.pdf


  1. Hi Anastasia, you did a great jog, as always, on your project. I think that when I start teaching that Alex is going to quickly become my new "best friend". This is the perfect place to find all the standard requirements that we must teach and also lesson plan to guide our teaching or at least provide us with some ideas to help us get started on our own unique plans. I love that Alex provides us with our own personal workspace where we can bookmark and store those plans that we want to use so that we can access them easily in the future, I was surprised to see that Alabama has technology standards, I di not know this before we were given the assignment. With our world becoming ever more technology dependent these standards are becoming nearly as important as basic math skills are. I guess I should not be surprised that these standards exist. I feel like EDM510 has taught me a lot of the skills that I will need to help me to teach many of these standards to my students.

  2. I hope this is useful to you.

    Well done.